What People are saying about their LBI Home Inspection. . .


"Mark Londner is hands down the best home inspector I have ever encountered. He is a man that stands behind his philosophy of making sure that you have a complete understanding of all the ins and outs of your house.    He has an impeccable sense of attention to detail which is no doubt a product of his decades of experience as an inspector, architect, and construction manager. He is not concerned with just getting through the checklist of items in the report, but rather, he truly wants to educate you on your home. Even the method in which he explains the complexities of the home has been tailored so that anyone can understand the issues at hand. Instead of throwing out technical jargon, he explains everything slowly and puts concepts into relatable terms.     If I ever purchase another home, I will undoubtedly be giving Mark a call."
. . . Jennifer H.

"Just wanted to thank you for the home inspection you did this past Tuesday.  It was extremely thorough, and I really appreciate the time you took to explain to me how the various things in the house worked, tips for maintenance, etc.  Although I am fairly handy, you told me a lot of things I did not know.  I am going to feel a lot better moving into this house now.  Thanks!"
. . . Grant H.

"You were very thorough and very informative with your explanations of how all the utilities in the home functioned and the importance of the maintenance and such.  As a new homeowner these type of things are very informative to educate the new homeowner and familiarize that home purchaser with their new home.

Thank you again for taking the time and consideration to be so attention to detail during your inspection!"
. . . Tracy C.

"Mark, I just wanted to write and thank you for the home inspection done last Tuesday. I found it very educational, not only for what I needed in regards to settlement, but for my own use in future care of the house. I have had home inspections in the past, but none have been so extensive, with as high an emphasis on educating the buyer.

Thank you again."
. . . Laura E.

"Thank you for such a enjoyable inspection experience yesterday. As advertised, you were extremely thorough and educational. The patience which you explained the very detailed intricacies of our new home were greatly appreciated by my family as well as my realtor. We feel safer now we know how to properly operate and maintain all aspects of the house. Your personal attention in completing the report on the spot was a bonus.

Thanks again for a job well done!"
. . . Mike D.

 "Mark did our home inspection. His knowledge and expertise saved us thousands in the purchase of our home. We are still happy there."
. . . Julia B.

"My home inspection performed by Mark Londner of LBI Home Inspection was very thorough and detailed. Mark's emphasis is on homeowner education and I found the inspection to be very informative. Mark took the time to decipher numerous items of the home survey to me, and explained their importance. I highly recommend his services to anyone purchasing a home, especially first time home buyers. Thanks Mark!!!"
. . . SP, Fairfax, VA

"I attended a home inspection yesterday for our home purchase in Fairfax with Mark Londner from LBI Home Inspection.  This is my third home purchase (and thus 3rd home inspection attended) in 8 years.     I was surprised by the thoroughness and careful explanation of the process and findings. By the time we left the house, I knew it better than my own home. This is exactly what a home inspection should be, and I will never again settle for less."
. . . Tom V.

"I own 6 homes and I have worked with a number of home inspectors.  I was very much impressed with your thoroughness to the detail during the home inspection.  You taught my first time buyer a lot about how to maintain a home as you pointed out concerns along the way.  Your work was outstanding and I would highly recommend you to anyone that needs a home inspector.  There is no question your work is a cut above the work by other home inspectors I have worked with.

You spent a lot of time with us and you were available to answer questions after the inspection was over.  You were there for phone support during the final walk-through prior to closing.  My buyer and I appreciate your expertise and your time. 

 It is clear that the customer is first in the relationship.  It is refreshing to find your professionalism and knowledge.  I would not do another home inspection without calling you!"
. . . Marguerite R.